Action: March 8, 2018


The picket of the UNILEVER Head Offices is going ahead on March 8th International Women’s Day 17:00 London time. We know many of you will be on strike and otherwise involved in demanding justice for women, including Rohingya women on that day. This is an opportunity to come together to show solidarity and strength with Rohingya sisters.

Sisters of Rohingya are asking people, especially in London and Rotterdam, to gather at UNILEVER Head Office(s) to let UNILEVER know they must divest from the genocide and military rapes in Myanmar. The gatherings are not being coordinated or led by any particular group. It will be a gathering of like minded people  and friends like yourself who would like to show their support for Rohingya and their determination to hold companies responsible for the impact of their investment in Myanmar.   #nopeacenodove #boycottdove

The address of the head offices are below.

Unilever PLC

Unilever N.V.